What All Of This Means Is That Los Angeles Could Be Stuck With Proposition D, And That Means It Will Have Only The 135 Existing Dispensaries, With No Additional Marijuana Businesses Or Delivery Services Allowed.

California medical marijuana law pot But new dispensaries pop up to replace those that have been shut down. The city has also fought hard to enforce a ban on cannabis deliveries, andthe http://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz California Court of Appeals has upheld that ban . Los Angeless medical marijuana situation isreflected in Californias Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act ( MCRSA ) of 2015. The MCRSA requires all applicants to first secure local approval before they can receive a California state cannabis license, withlocal approval meaning some form of local license, authorization, or permitting. Under the MCRSA, Los Angeles essentially received a carve-out to be able to continueenforcing its Proposition D, regardless of whether a marijuana business receives a state license. Then, realizing that Proposition D does not qualify as local licensing, permitting, or even authorization (since its really just a registration and taxation measure), combined with the fearthat Los Angeles may never enact any form of local approval to enable marijuana businesses to secure state licenses, the California state legislature, passed AB 2385 , whichdropped the local approval requirement for Los Angeles. Under AB 2385, marijuana business applicants under the MCRSA that can show compliance with Proposition D are eligible to receive a California cannabis license. Because Proposition 64 itself provides no special treatment for Proposition D, Los Angeles marijuana businesses will need to comply with local laws to open their doors under MCRSA. What all of this means is that Los Angeles could be stuck with Proposition D, and that means it will have only the 135 existing dispensaries, with no additional marijuana businesses or delivery services allowed. Untilperhaps March 7.On March 7th, Los Angeles will vote on two ballot measures to replace Proposition D, which can only be repealed and replaced by a vote of the people.

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