Weed Edibles Have Sold Really Well During The Pandemic

Weed Edibles Have Sold Really Well During The Pandemic

The communal experience of cannabis, something that has always been closely linked to joints and vapes, has now been put on an indefinite pause. Edibles to the rescue!

Predictions about marijuana use during the pandemic abounded. Once businesses and buildings started to close, different states declared that cannabis is an essential business. People rightly assumed that times of stress are great times to get high, whether consumers were seasoned cannabis users or not.

Opinions varied when discussing inhaled cannabis and its impact on the pandemic. While some people claimed that joints would be discarded due to the lung irritations they could produce, others said that vapes would be making a comeback, even if they struggled throughout 2019 with a mysterious lung illness.

“As restrictions are lifted, we expect a pent-up demand for cannabis products that can be conveniently used in conjunction with outdoor activities,” Tom Brooksher, CEO of Clear Cannabis, told Forbes.

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Published at Fri, 31 Jul 2020 16:39:02 +0000

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