We Have No Shortage Of Data From Chronic, Heavy Users, Says Gruber.

Recreational pot is still harder to come by than medical marijuana the current political administration has implied that laws legalizing it may be at risk. So how much do we know about the recreational use of marijuana and what are the big questions? “We have no shortage of data from chronic, heavy users,” says Gruber. But we know far less about occasional smokers, she says. When we look at the “effects” of recreational marijuana, it’s important to consider the context. It’s one thing to compare marijuana to hard drugs like opioids or to substances like alcohol. Some research so far indicates that marijuana is “safer” in many ways than these substances (people don’t overdose and even though marijuana can be habit forming it doesn’t seem to be as habit-forming as alcohol). That doesn’t mean it’s harmless. In studies of those chronic, heavy users, “we see marijuana users have https://www.washingtonmedicalmarijuana.biz slower processing speed, worse memory and learning scores on certain tests, poorer sustained attention,” says Lisdahl. There are also links to depression and sleep problems in some of those users, and some heavy users show brain changes linked to poorer emotional control or memory. These changes have been particularly observed in people who began using marijuana before ages16 or 17.

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