Way To Go, L.a.

Back Talk: Legalizing marijuana; Parker and race; Laughing at misery I was reading Jeff Edelstein’s column about how Phil Murphy’s going to legalize marijuana New Jersey. I don’t think they go far enough. They should make it so that any home owner or private citizen can grow https://www.washingtonmedicalmarijuana.biz six plants in the garden, weed plants, without fear of prosecution. I agree. Marijuana needs to be accessible so that New Jersey drivers might chill the eff out a bit. I recently called in and said I had noticed that every article L.A. Parker write was somehow wrapped up in race. Since that I have subsequently read three of his articles that had nothing to do with race and they were fine article so I stand corrected. Way to go, L.A. You know he has always written about a variety of topics. For years, some of them are about race, some are not.

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