Vapen MJ Highlights Product Diversity and Growth from Partnerships

Vapen MJ Highlights Product Diversity and Growth from Partnerships

Vapen MJ (OTCQX: VAPNF; CSE: VAPN) (“Vapen MJ”) a fully integrated manufacturer and distributor of cannabis THC and hemp cannabinoid products under the Vapen Brand. Vapen MJ leverages its core expertise in extraction and marketing. Vapen MJ continues its geographic expansion of wholesale distribution through revenue and profit-sharing joint venture partnerships in multiple states. Vapen MJ today highlights its diverse revenue pipeline as Vapen MJ builds an expanding presence through partnerships in new markets with a diversified product mix. Given the impact that the hazards of vaping press coverage has had on investor confidence in the cannabis equity markets Vapen MJ felt it prudent to highlight the diversity of its product offerings and unique business model for growth.

Core Business: Vapen MJ’s US$13 million revenues and US$4 million EBITDA profitability for the first two quarters of 2019 has been generated from an Arizona licensed vertically integrated model from cultivation, extraction, edible infusion, wholesale and retail dispensary (Herbal Wellness Center).

Product Diversity:

  • Flower – Unique and Popular Strains
  • Concentrates: Shatter – Wax – Terp Sauce – Terp Diamonds – Badder – Refined Hash Oil – THCA Crystals – Live Resin
  • Distillate: Chocolate Bars – Gummies – Butterscotch Candies – Infused Snacks – Inhalers –Vaporizer Cartridges (100% cannabis oil with a very low amount of terpenes for flavor).
  • CBD: Lotions – Bath Bombs – Rubbing Balms – Tinctures
  • Accessories

Growth Strategy Deployed for Q4 2019 and 2020:

  1. Cannabis multi-state revenue and profit share joint venture partnerships. Vapen MJ provides THC licensed partners with core expertise in SOPs, equipment, extraction and manufacturing of our THC product line, as well as a diverse product offering under the Vapen brand as it has done successfully in Arizona. 6 States: AZ, NV, CA, OK, MA, OH.
  2. Hemp farm and seed multi-state revenue and joint venture partnerships. Vapen MJ provides biomass partners with core expertise in SOPs, equipment and extraction techniques for CBD, CBG, and other hemp derived cannabinoids. 3 States: KY, AR, HI, and Jamaica.

“We provide our Cannabis partners with the full line of Vapen branded products that deliver our elevated standards for safety, quality and purity, as well as the back-office support and processing expertise to successfully grow our businesses together,” commented Thai Nguyen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vapen MJ. “Our expertise with THC and Hemp extractions and the diversity of our product lines will enable us to be flexible and maintain our steady growth. Vapen is our brand and the vaporizing cartridge is only one of many products we manufacture.  We support and encourage enforcement related to safe ingredients and licensed producers”

For more information on these products and other Vapen products, please visit our websites at or  Vapen MJ’s most recent public deck is downloadable at

About Vapen MJ Ventures

Vapen MJ, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, currently operates in the U.S. as an agricultural technology, services and property management company utilizing a full vertical integration business model to oversee and execute all aspects of cultivation, extraction, manufacturing (THC and CBD cartridges, concentrates, edibles), retail dispensary, and wholesale distribution of high margin Cannabis THC and Hemp CBD products under the Vapen Brand.  Vapen MJ expansion plans include partnering with cannabis license holders and hemp farms in multiple states within the US.

Forward Looking Statements

We seek safe harbour.


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