To Date, It’s Collected about 20,000, Minardi Said.

The group, which claims dozens of volunteers, must collect more than 750,000 valid signatures by early next year to get the measure on the ballot. To date, it’s collected about 20,000, Minardi said. Minardi’s political action committee, Sensible Florida Inc., has received about $245,000 in donations and in-kind services since 2015, nearly a quarter of which came from Minardi himself. That’s a far cry from the $6.2 million raised for the political action committee backing Amendment 2, People United for Medical Marijuana, in the 2016 election. The medical marijuana cause also benefited from the leadership of the high-profile, and wealthy, Florida attorney, John Morgan.  (Photo: Andrew West/The News-Press, Andrew West/ The News-Press) Florida’s newly enacted medical marijuana law allows patients with certain “debilitating illnesses,” such as HIV, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder and multiple sclerosis to obtain the drug. Earlier state laws allow patients whom doctors determine have terminal illnesses or medical conditions that might benefit from non-euphoric strains of the drug to also get it. Ben Pollara, Morgan’s top lieutenant in the Amendment 2 campaign, said he doesn’t think the time is right to pitch recreational pot to voters.  A successful effort to get any proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot would likely cost more than $4 million, he said. And, Pollara said he doubts it would get the needed 60 percent for passage.

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