Though All The New Legal Marijuana Markets Will Take Time To Fully Develop, “they Have The Potential To Create Tens Of Thousands Of New Jobs In The Marijuana Industry,” According To The Report.

The job numbers include those working at cannabis retail stores, growing facilities, marijuana-infused product companies, testing labs and ancillary businesses such as transportation and security. The numbers represent “marijuana’s rapid transformation out of the black market and into a viable economic force,” according to the report. Related:  Sorry, But No You Can’t Smoke Marijuana on the Las Vegas Strip Yet. The numbers also underscore one of the two practical considerations for political leaders that go beyond the decades-old “war against drugs” debate that continues at the federal level. The first is that legalized marijuana generates huge amounts of tax income for state and local governments. For example, Oregon expects to reap $200 million in adult-use marijuana taxes by 2019, and that money will go to schools, roads and law enforcement. The tax dollars generated by Colorado and other western states have politicians in other cash-starved states, such as Illinois , hoping to legalize marijuana to help balance governmental budgets. The second, which the report focused on, is job creation. Nationwide, the numbers are expected to skyrocket as California, Massachusetts and Nevada allow adult-use sales and another big state, Florida, moves forward with a regulated medical marijuana industry. Though all the new legal marijuana markets will take time to fully develop, “they have the potential to create tens of thousands of new jobs in the marijuana industry,” according to the report. Marijuana also has been a boon to small businesses.

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