Those Shells Break Down And Shrink By About 30 Percent In The Composting Process, He Said, Amplifying The Cost The Company Has To Watch Most Closely: Shipping.

Freeport artist Abigail Gray Swartz drew on her experience at the Jan. 21 Women Bonsey said the move wouldnt divert raw materials from its existing plant. Sourcing lobster from the Portland area becomes too expensive to bring all the way up to Marion, Bonsey said. Those shells break down and shrink by about 30 percent in the composting process, he said, amplifying the cost the company has to watch most closely: shipping. When you have bags of compost that youre shipping, thats just a huge part of the cost, he said. The only way to offset that is to set up other facilities. With just one more facility in Maine, Bonsey said the company estimates it could grow by another 30 percent or 40 percent by distributing its composts more broadly to independent garden centers throughout New England. The companys also revamping its website to boost online sales, but Bonsey said it will still focus on distributing through independent garden centers that its business has been built on. What we need to do is take care of our own backyard, keep increasing the quality and keep taking care of the customers that started with us, Bonsey said. The craft beer of compost The other component of the expansion search, Bonsey said, is increased quality control with a product thats inherently difficult to keep consistent. [Composting] is like being a chef, but imagine that every time you go to make a meal you have slightly different inputs, Bonsey said. The moisture and the oven temperature varies and you have to come out with a consistent blend. That becomes even more important, he said, as the company looks to sell to professional customers such as medical marijuana growers.

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