Theyve Declined.

A man walks across Main Street in Wray in Yuma County on Feb. 22, 2017. Complicating the patrol of the vast county that ends at the Nebraskaand Kansas state lines is confusion about Colorados marijuana industry that leads to complaints from residents about legal pot grows, and rules that make it difficult to determine whether a grow is state-sanctioned or weed destined to cross state lines illegally. The majority of the time, I only have two patrol deputies on duty to cover 2,400 square miles, Sheriff Chad Day said, and many times just one. County leaders say there is little chance of beefing up the sheriffs budget in a county that has experienced a tumble in its revenue base due to a decline in the oil and gas business and a plunge in agricultural commodity prices. In rural counties statewide, sheriffs and other elected officials will tell you that commissioners need to appropriate more money for their departments, said Chip Taylor, executive director of Colorado Counties Inc. Commissioners who hold the purse stringsaretrying to squeeze every service they can out of every dime they get, Taylor said. On the day that Thomson responded to the felony menacing call that ended with two men in custody, one deputy at the scene was working on his day off and another was on overtime. Related Articles January 15, 2016 Who exactly is behind the lawsuits over Colorados legal marijuana? Before the paperwork was done, Undersheriff Adam Wills had also come to the scene. Every year since he was elected in 2010, Day has asked the Yuma County commissioners to OK hiring four more officers. Theyve declined. The first-year cost of adding four deputies to the roster would boost the sheriffs $1.8 million budget by $536,000, and then $332,000 in subsequent years. That is just what I believe we need to get to a basic level of efficiency and provide basic safety for deputies while theyre on duty, Day said.

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