The Next Day, John Was Served Papers From Sallys Lawyer.

One year into the build-outwhich John was managing, doing everything from hiring contractors to shopping for all equipmentand nearly $1 million later, the facility was ready to start propagating plants and officially open its doors. Then the phone rang. It was Johns contractor. The head of operations (well call her Sally)the original owner of the license and lease that John bought intohad fired the contractor. Something was wrong. The next day, John was served papers from Sallys lawyer. Sally had banned John from setting foot on the cultivation property and said he was to have no further involvement in the business. It was hers. As it turns out, Sally had never filed the paperwork to get my friend on the license, nor had she added him to the lease (that he had been paying for the past year), both of which were required per their signed management agreement.

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