The Line Of People Outside Blüm Reno Extended Around The Building’s Front And Partially Down Its Side.

A line of customers extended around the building Saturday morning at The Dispensary in Reno. The line of people outside Blüm Reno extended around the building’s front and partially down its side. About 65 customers stood at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday, July 1, outside the South Virginia Street marijuana dispensary, waiting for the front door to open. No longer restricted to medicinal cannabis only, the dispensary had opened at 12 a.m. that day — the exact first moment it could legally sell recreational cannabis under Nevada law. It remained open for about six hours and closed briefly before again opening at 9 a.m. Some customers, eager for the first chance to buy recreational cannabis, shouted out how many minutes remained until opening. Fifteen, then nine, then five. “I’ve been waiting 18 years to do this,” said Frederick Wood, of Reno, one of the first few people in line. “I’m tired of meeting people in a parking lot and hoping the cops don’t show up.

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