The Growth Rate Of The Extraction Industry As A Whole Is Expected To Outpace The Marijuana Market In General.

Here, Precision Extraction Solutions’ Co-Founder Nick Tennant—whose work and expertise has been featured by CNN, CNBC, TIME and more—outlines what a cultivator should know to get started in this rapidly growing segment of the cannabis market. 1. What is the growth rate/future prospects of the extraction industry? The growth rate of the extraction industry as a whole is expected to outpace the marijuana market in general. Most statistics are indicating more than a 50-percent and up to 90-percent CAGR for extraction-based businesses. As more states continue to come online with friendly marijuana laws and commercial extraction licensing, the market will continue to grow at a robust pace. 2. What are the different areas of focus for an extraction company? PXP V2017 The Predator: Ideal for a mix of artisan and crude oil applications, PXP “The Predator” processes up to 15 lbs. of material per run. Extraction businesses can focus on a number of different products like wax, shatter, budder, distillate, vape pens or infused products, such as edibles or topicals.

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