The Core Reason Was Stealth, Dan Sutton, Founder And Managing Director Of Tantalus Labs, Says.

Shafin Diamond, a prominent Canadian angel investor, gave Tantalus Labs the moniker ” Tesla of cannabis ” because of the company’s dedication to pioneering new, sustainable technologies. Like the company behind electric cars and aesthetically appealing solar panels , Tantalus Labs optimizes for environmental stewardship. View photos More (Courtesy of Tantalus Labs) Marijuana grows well in the outdoors. However, the vast majority of legal cannabis cultivation sites grow their marijuana in indoor facilities. “Why is it that this industry was driven indoors? The core reason was stealth,” Dan Sutton, founder and managing director of Tantalus Labs, says. “It’s a lot easier to hide plants in basements and in bunkers than to cultivate it in the light, because it is federally illegal.” Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2000, and the country is working to broaden its program to include recreational use by this spring. The legal market is expected to generate $22.6 billion annually after the recreational market opens up. Tantalus Labs was founded in 2012 in an effort to advance the way marijuana is cultivated. A team of scientists, designers, and engineers spent over two years designing the facility, and another two years constructing it. They looked to the agriculture industry for best practices.

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