Some Are Just Peaceful Neighbors And Farmers, But Some Are Part Of Violent Gangs And Cartels.

They wanted to show us voters we got it wrong and these seven legislators and others who supported the delay know better what we want than we the voters do. Im a voter and I voted for Question 4 , which regulates the adult cannabis market. Like most of my acquaintances who supported the ballot question, my most pressing reason for favoring it was to reduce or eliminate the existing black market. The black market causes horrific damage, and delaying implementation of the law will allow that underground market to thrive even longer, absorbing dollars that in a legitimate above-ground market would go towards construction, jobs, healthcare, insurance, and much-needed tax revenues. Instead, the money will continue to go into the pockets of those willing to break the law. Some are just peaceful neighbors and farmers, but some are part of violent gangs and cartels. The legislators who engineered the six-month delay contend we need it because the state is unable to regulate cannabis on time. Yet all the states that have implemented similar laws legalizing recreational marijuana have done them on time. We have the luxury of learning from their experience and can save time by using their examples.

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