So What Factors Most Impact Cultivators Yields?

An outbreak has been known to destroy entire crops, taking with it revenues in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. It is the threat that has driven some to apply unapproved pesticides. So its not surprising that insect pest/disease was ranked by the largest number of growers (51%) as among the top three biggest challenges they face. Next in line were humidity control (39%), temperature control (30%), maintaining consistent yields (29%), powdery mildew (28%) and maintaining consistent product (20%). What Impacts Your Yield? Yield and quality (along with consistency) are the holy grails of cannabis cultivation. So what factors most impact cultivators yields? When respondents were asked to select the three factors that most impact their operations yield, nearly half selected facility/structure/grow environment. Pests/diseases ranked second (37%) as a top-three yield-impacting factor, and the combination of grow media/fertilizer/irrigation technique came in at a close third (35%). WHATS YOUR YIELD DRIVER? What three factors impact your operations cannabis yield the most?

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