Regardless, He Said, It Should Be Decided By The States.

LXWeed0217_2 Large Indoor Marijuana Commercial Growing Operation in Washington State. /> The Bloomberg Intelligence Global Cannabis Index dropped 9.8 percent between Spicers Feb. 23 comments and the close of trading Thursday. Mr. Spicers comments really signaled a deep misunderstanding within the administration about how marijuana policy is regulated and implemented at the state level, said John Hudak, a senior fellow at Brookings Institution. There are dramatic regulatory differences from state to state. The comments from the podium were overly simplistic. President Donald Trump separated medical from recreational marijuana during his campaign. He said he was 100 percent in favor of the former, while calling the latter a bad experiment. Regardless, he said, it should be decided by the states. Cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical use in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Alaska, and Washington, D.C., and approved in 20 additional states for medical purposes only, but marijuana is not legal for any purpose under federal law. And while Spicers comments — and Trumps campaign comments — seem to show that the administration was open to medicinal marijuana, Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have different ideas.

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