Clinical stage biotechnology firm Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) announced on Thursday that David
A. Judd is the latest executive to join its Medical and Scientific Advisory

The company believes that Judd is a great addition to the
board, especially due to his extensive experience in cell culture research and
development, in which he has over 30 years of experience. Additionally, his
experience spans into cell culture for different types of human cells. He has
also worked cells that PharmaCyte uses to treat cancer and has extensive
knowledge about the growth properties of those cells.

“We feel the appointment of Mr. Judd to our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board comes at a crucial time,” stated PharmaCyte CEO Kenneth L. Waggoner.

Judd’s appointment
comes amid the progress with Austrianova

PharmaCyte Biotech is currently working with Austrianova on
the final manufacturing stages in the production of encapsulated cells required
for non-metastatic, pancreatic cancer clinical trials. The company announced
that Waggoner spent the better part of June in Bangkok, Thailand to monitor the
progress in the development of the encapsulated cells to be used in the
clinical trial.

PharmaCyte Biotech also posted on its website some videos documenting the production
activities from Austrianova manufacturing facility. The content of the videos
also includes a walkthrough of the GMP-manufacturing plant.

Mr. Judd believes that PharmaCyte’s platform can change the
processes of treating solid tumors so that there is little to none of n the
side-effects of chemotherapy. He has also been working closely with the Austrianova
team to make sure that the cells they produce grow as anticipated before and
after encapsulation.

Judd was also present at the Bangkok-based GMP manufacturing
facility as one of the advisors courtesy of his extensive knowledge in the biotechnology.
Mr. Waggoner noted that this company selected Mr. Judd to join the Medical and
Scientific Advisory board due to the contributions that he has already made to
PharmaCyte’s cancer research program. The CEO also believes that Judd will not
only be a valuable asset for the development of cellular treatments for cancer
but also for diabetes.