Now That Cannabis Is Legal For Adults In Oregon, We Are Left Out With No Safe Place To Consume, Said Madeline Martinez, Who Owned The World Famous Cannabis Cafe, A Portland Marijuana Club That Closed Early Last Year Due To The Clean Indoor Air Rules.

“My hope is that by increasing the local tax in a reasonable manner, there will be more incentive for localities to opt in,” Burdick said. “That really needs to happen because people in the opt-out areas are still going to have issues around cannabis and the more that are actually in the system, the more you can control and regulate.” ‘Social’ cannabis consumption a hot issue Lawmakers also are considering proposals to allow cannabis clubs and special events featuring marijuana consumption. Marijuana advocates argue that while anyone 21 and older can legally grow and buy cannabis, they don’t have many options when it comes to consuming it. “Now that cannabis is legal for adults in Oregon, we are left out with no safe place to consume,” said Madeline Martinez, who owned the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, a Portland marijuana club that closed early last year due to the clean indoor air rules. Martinez said her Southeast Portland establishment, which didn’t sell marijuana but offered people a place to consume their own or share with others, served Oregonians and tourists as well. “I had people coming in taxis to be dropped off at the cafe with their carry-on bags because they were coming to Portland to experience the freedoms we voted for and now where do they go?” she said. But Oregon’s Indoor Clean Air Act prohibits the use of marijuana, along with tobacco, in public areas and workplaces. And the state’s leading public health officials strongly oppose proposals that would weaken the law. Marijuana smoke is harmful, they argue, and events and establishments that feature marijuana smoking send the wrong message to young people. “Regardless of the cause of the smoke, whether it’s tobacco or cannabis or a campfire or pollution, inhaling particulate matter is not good whether you are smoking it yourself or breathing secondhand smoke,” said Dr. Katrina Hedberg, state epidemiologist and health officer with the health authority.

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