Normally, These Types Of Business Remain Not-for-profit Because They Distribute Marijuana Primarily For Medical Reasons.

Marijuana Retail Store However, opening a business can be a challenge, and there are regulations enforced by both the state and your city that you must follow. Make sure you research your local region to find out what business regulations you need to implement in order to open your retail marijuana business. Marijuana Retail Store Image powered by As with any business, you need a detailed corporate structure and a retail business plan. Your business plan will not only give potential investors an idea of how your business will progress, it will also help you plan for the future of your marijuana-growing business. You will also need to acquire the licenses for your business, including marijuana-growing licenses for retail use. Non-Profit Marijuana Businesses If you plan to open a marijuana business, note that most counties in California only allow non-profit marijuana businesses. Normally, these types of business remain not-for-profit because they distribute marijuana primarily for medical reasons. The Medical Marijuana Program Act of 2003 prohibits groups or individuals to cultivate or distribute marijuana for profit. This means that revenues will go toward the cultivation and distribution of marijuana, as well as any other business investments you have made. You will be reimbursed for any business expenses from these revenues, but you may not make any profits from the sale of medical marijuana .

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