There are no containers, no growing tables, no special lighting, no water tubing systems hanging from above. The empty space in one large room could fit the contents of a mid-size house. Even the plants main office area is largely vacant. Empty area of $30 million Orange County marijuana growing facility is testimony to difficulties facing the medical marijuana industry in New York. (Tom Precious/Buffalo News) The empty area gives a clue to an industry facing troubles, So is the companys New York operation operating in the black? No, were not, said Jeremy Unruh, general counsel of Illinois-based PharmaCannis. If by profit you mean are we making more each month than we spend? No. Terrified of new growers PharmaCannis said it sells the drug to 100 patients each week in Erie County, and that is much stronger than sales at its other three dispensaries in Onondaga, Albany and Bronx counties. About about 75 percent of its Amherst patients are repeat customers.

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