New Jersey Assembly Passes Cannabis Decriminalization Bill

New Jersey Assembly Passes Cannabis Decriminalization Bill

NEW CASTLE, Del., June 18, 2020 -PRESS  RELEASE- AgroRefiner, LLC announced today that it has commenced commercial operation of the first phase of a commercial scale, ethanol-based cannabidiol (CBD) extraction facility. 

AgroRefiner will produce a range of organic CBD products using organically grown hemp procured from farms employing sustainable farming practices. The product line-up will include THC-free distillate, isolate, CBN and CBD A.

The facility, located in Delaware, employs a hemp extraction and distillation sequence developed for AgroRefiner by consulting chemical engineer Mark Scialdone, Ph. D. AgroRefiner says its automated extraction facility utilizes the first circulating ethanol, closed loop design for CBD production.

“In today’s marketplace where there is currently limited regulation, no transparency and low end-user confidence or understanding in CBD products or the processes behind them, AgroRef will be a trusted partner for best-in-class extraction,” said Howard Matz, CEO of AgroRefiner. “AgroRefiner will work only with certified organic farms employing sustainable agricultural processes and will employ superior extraction methods to supply premium products to our customers.”  

Published at Thu, 18 Jun 2020 17:52:00 +0000

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