Names For Marijuana Can Differentiate Depending On A Location In Jamaica, Its Often Called Ganja While South Africans Will Usually Refer To Weed As Dagga And The Age Group Of Users.

Dank, Ganja, Greens And Other Marijuana Nicknames To Know More More than half of the United States allow legal use of marijuana in some capacity. In fact, a lawmaker even introduced a bill Feb. 27that would make marijuana federally legal if passed into legislation. As more statesconsider legalizing medical and/or recreational use, cannabis vernacular will most likely become increasingly common across the nation. While there are some age-old names used to describe marijuana that just about everyones familiar with pot, Mary Jane, weed there are a slew of other cannabis nicknames people use when referencing the plant. Names for marijuana can differentiate depending on a location in Jamaica, its often called ganja while South Africans will usually refer to weed as dagga and the age group of users. Terms to describe marijuana can also be heavily influenced by musicians. Long before singers and rappers like Wiz Khalifa who made a song called Good Dank or Master Ps famous 1/2 On a Bag Of Dank included the word, stoners and hippies were using dank in reference to high quality and very potent marijuana, contrary to its Miriam-Webster dictionary meaning of damp, musty and typically cold. Check out a list of names also commonly used in reference to marijuana below: Grass

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