Miller To Lead This Oversight Effort. Seth Bock, Who Owns Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center In Portsmouth, Was Less Optimistic.

Slater Compassion Center in Providence the largest of the state’s dispensaries isn’t worried. Chris Reilly, an attorney who represents Slater, said the dispensary plans to participate in the hearings, which are open to the public, but it has “full confidence in Rep. Slater and Sen. Miller to lead this oversight effort.” Seth Bock, who owns Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center in Portsmouth, was less optimistic. “I would have to assume that this committee would not attempt to provide in absentia oversight, or reports about the success, of the centers. We are a very complex business entity, and it would be wise for the committee to seek strong involvement from the three centers so their reporting represents some semblance of on-the-ground reality,” Bock said. Senate cool on 38 Studios bill A bill passed by the House two weeks ago that would make remaining 38 Studios investigation records public has received a chilly reception in the Senate. The bill, introduced by Cranston Democrat Charlene Lima, who is also deputy speaker, passed a day before the state police released a bundle of files documenting the criminal investigation of the state’s investment in Curt Schilling’s failed video game company. The documents, which did not include records that were part of a grand jury investigation, were also notable for not including a single transcript of an interview with a senator who served when the General Assembly approved the legislation used to finance 38 Studios. That includes Senate President M.

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