Miami Commissioner Ken Russell Said Thursday That His Staff Has Already Had Internal Discussions About Crafting Regulations To Regulate Dispensaries, And That He’s “happy To Sponsor Legislation” After Compiling More Information.

“I just find it somewhat crazy that we can’t have a discussion about something that isn’t an ‘if’ but a ‘when,’ ” he said. The position that medical marijuana dispensaries are prohibited due to the conflict in federal law is not unique. Coral Gables, for instance, holds the same opinion. Meanwhile, the state has yet to set the parameters for its constitutionally mandated medical marijuana market after legislation fell apart in Tallahassee this month. But the Coral Gables Commission has already passed zoning regulations for medical marijuana shops in order to prepare for the scenario when their city attorney opines that there is no longer a conflict in the law. Other municipalities have called moratoriums in order to study regulations. And if the Legislature doesn’t hold a special session to pass a medical marijuana bill, Amendment 2 still requires that the Department of Health have rules in place for patients and distributors by July. Miami Commissioner Ken Russell said Thursday that his staff has already had internal discussions about crafting regulations to regulate dispensaries, and that he’s “happy to sponsor legislation” after compiling more information. Trulieve, Miami-Dade’s first retail medical marijuana dispensary, is located just outside the city of Miami’s boundaries.

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