Medical Marijuana Dispensary May Open In Grandview

A medical marijuana dispensary is now one step closer to opening in Grandview. The village’s zoning board has recommended that the full board vote on the proposed site.

Some residents around Grandview, which is surrounded by Springfield, are surprised this vacant building could become a medical marijuana dispensary in just a few months.

Others say it could help bring more people to the village.

Empty parking spaces could fill up this fall if the Grandview Village Board approves zoning for Maribis’ proposed medical marijuana dispensary, where approved patients can buy the drug.

The zoning board will make a recommendation Thursday night. Some residents are intrigued.

“If it helps people with a medical problem I think it will be fine,” said Kay Scogin, who lives in Grandview.

“I definitely think it does put Grandview on the map,” said Issiah Thompson, also of Grandview.

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