Meanwhile, In The South American Country Of Uruguay, The Sale And Possession Of Marijuana Has Been Legal Since Last July.

Study Suggests Legal Pot Would Make Border Safer Than a Massive Wall Your partner and digital portal for the cannabis community. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Canada gets the headlines for its plan to legalize marijuana nationwide in 2018. So does anti-marijuana rhetoric from some officials in the Trump Administration. Meanwhile, in the South American country of Uruguay, the sale and possession of marijuana has been legal since last July. Citizens there can grow their own marijuana and buy it over the counter without fear of arrest. So far, about the only major complaint about the law is that it doesn’t go far enough. Related:  Study Suggests Legal Pot Would Make Border Safer Than a Massive Wall The most eye-popping result from Uruguay’s legal marijuana market has been the plunge in crime. Drug-related crime has dropped 20 percent in the country since marijuana became legal in 2017, according to Latin American news service Telesur. But there are issues. Telesur reports that the government has had to crack down on locals selling to tourists. While marijuana is legal for Uruguay citizens, that right does not extend to those visiting the country. The law allows for residents to grow six plants at home.

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