Madaleno Pointed To Scientific Studies Demonstrating That Show Marijuana Is Less Harmful, Overall, Than Alcohol And Other Narcotics.

Now eight states and Washington, D.C., have full legalization, he added. According to a recent Goucher Poll, a majority of Marylanders support the legalization of recreational marijuana. While 58 percent of Marylanders support legalization, 36 percent oppose, the poll said. This is similar to poll results in 2015 and 2016. Weve already moved to the step of decriminalizing the possession small amounts of marijuana, Feldman said. People are now going to be legally smoking for so-called medical purposes. People are going to be smoking legally right down the street from my legislative district in the District of Columbia. I guess Ive come to the conclusion that we should move forward, and tax it, regulate it, and use the dollars for the four or five items or other things this committee may want to put on there. Madaleno pointed to scientific studies demonstrating that show marijuana is less harmful, overall, than alcohol and other narcotics. Though, some medical research has contradicted this claim.

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