Last Year, Nearly 61 Percent Of Concord Voters Supported Proposition 64, Which Legalized Recreational Marijuana Use For Adults.

But the times — and attitudes — have changed. Last year, nearly 61 percent of Concord voters supported Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use for adults. During a recent Policy Development and Internal Operations Committee meeting, residents who use marijuana to relieve nausea and other side effects of prescription drugs urged Mayor Laura Hoffmeister and Councilman Edi Birsan to revoke the ban. Although residents said dispensaries in Oakland and Berkeley are safe and employ knowledgeable and professional staff, making frequent out-of-town trips to purchase medical cannabis is inconvenient. “Let’s get it available to the people,” said Devlyn Sewell, who encouraged the council members to be leaders. Hoffmeister and Birsan recommended thaAt the full council consider quickly lifting the ban on medical pot deliveries. “We have people in pain in our city who need medical supplies, is that not an urgency situation?” said Birsan, who also supports allowing up to five medical pot dispensaries to operate in Concord. Hoffmeister said she is “not necessarily opposed” to a limited number of dispensaries if they are restricted to the city’s northern outskirts. Concord is the latest Bay Area city to review its marijuana regulations now that recreational use is legal.

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