announced on Tuesday that it struck a partnership agreement with Puration
Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) through which they will collaborate to create CBD-infused
beer and coffee.

The recently announced partnership fulfills a Puration’s
announcement about a week ago through which it revealed that it would
collaborate with a beer producer to make CBD-infused beer. Puration also
announced that it will team up with a coffee producer to make CBD-infused
coffee.  The partnership between Kali and
Pura will focus on a specific extract that will be infused into coffee.

Kali has been making
significant progress with its CBD-infused beverages

Kali owns a cannabis extraction patent in the U.S, which
means that e partnership is advantageous for Puration with their plan to
produce CBD-infused beverages with 10 mg 25 mg CBD. So far Puration has produced
more than 1 million CBD-infused beverages that were sold in the U.S market in
2018. The company’s sales target for 2019 is 4 million.

Puration and Kali will release a presentation in the coming
week so that they can reveal more details about their joint endeavor involving
beer and coffee. The partnership also highlights the level of innovation that
some cannabis companies are pursuing to tap deeper into the rapidly growing
market. This also means that the cannabis industry is benefiting from a wider
variety of products.

Kali is a biopharma that invests its resources in the
discovery, development, and sale of innovative treatments, especially those
made from cannabis extracts. Its therapeutics target a wide range of health

Kali has been on a
mission to expand its operations

Kali has also been expanding its business so that it can
increase its production capacity and market share. It even acquired another
cannabis firm called NCM Biotech towards the end of 2028. NCM Biotech was a
strategic acquisition for Kali because the firm was one of the key players in
the creation of cannabis-based therapeutics.  The acquisition also provided Kali with access
to a strong portfolio of intellectual property as well as manufacturing and
regulatory expertise which were added advantages.