It Is Now Legal To Possess And Use Marijuana, But It Does Not Become Legal To Sell Within Communities Until Formal Rules And Regulations Are Crafted And Implemented.

If Town Meeting approves the moratorium request, it will allow the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen time to start crafting its own bylaw in terms of the sale of marijuana for the community that makes sense while awaiting what the state ends up with. However, it was confirmed the town would not be able to react and write its own bylaw until the state is done devising theirs, given that there is a statewide moratorium on the legalization law. At the point when the state has crafted its own policy, the town will include what is has with whatever the state has come up with. The Planning Board has the authority to create a zoning bylaw while the Board of Selectmen can craft a general bylaw. It is now legal to possess and use marijuana, but it does not become legal to sell within communities until formal rules and regulations are crafted and implemented. Expect a similar zoning bylaw to medical marijuana The first marijuana legalization discussion started back in 2012 when Question 3 on the election ballot was passed by a 63 percent to 37 percent margin, allowing for medical marijuana to be sold in the Commonwealth. Burlington voted in favor of it as 7,257 voted Yes and 5,601 voted No. With sights on protecting patients rights without increasing risks to public safety, Town Meeting convincingly passed a zoning bylaw for medical marijuana dispensaries to locate in Burlington. This was voted on in May 2014. The state laws for this matter say dispensaries cannot be within 500 feet of places where children congregate, but the town decided that wasnt good enough and settled on not allowing dispensaries within 1,000 feet of those aforementioned locations.

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