If The Bill Doesn’t Meet The Above Test, Legislators Will Have The Option To Defeat The Bill Or Send The Proposal Back For Another Draft Until They Get It Right.

Second, it challenges lawmakers to create a bill that addresses the biggest drawbacks to legalization: public safety and public health. If the bill can address those two issues in a way that truly makes it better than what we currently have, what’s not to like? Who could argue with passage if the proposal makes the public safer and healthier? Third, the proof will be in the pudding. If the bill doesn’t meet the above test, legislators will have the option to defeat the bill or send the proposal back for another draft until they get it right. And if it passes both Houses of the Legislature and the governor still doesn’t buy it, he can veto. It is, in short, a bill with very little downside. On the plus side, this bill allows the state to move forward on an issue that, otherwise, is very tempting to stick one’s head in the sand and just kick the can down the road to no one’s benefit, while perpetuating harm and missing out on potential opportunities. The http://www.californiamedicalmarijuana.biz fact is our society has determined (after 50-plus years of cultural warfare) that marijuana is more like alcohol than hard drugs. And like alcohol during the days of Prohibition, making possession a crime just drives it underground and creates a black market driven by thugs and organized crime.

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