How to avoid the dreaded crossfaded high

How to avoid the dreaded crossfaded high

A crossfaded high is when you’re both drunk and stoned at the same time. It usually happens when you smoke after being drunk, but either order of operations can send your body and mind into a frenzy.

Being stoned and drunk can make you feel a multitude of ways. If it hits right, you could feel the ultimate euphoria: one of those goofy-ass moods where any-and-everything sounds like the best idea ever, because who cares—we’re all just young, wild, and free.

However, if that alcohol and THC in your body hit wrong, you’ll probably feel dizzy, nauseated, disoriented, and perhaps even paranoid as the crossfade has the potential to resemble a panic attack.

It’s important to remember that cannabis is still federally illegal, which is why so little research has been done on it. Take that into account and you can see why even fewer studies have been done on the crossfade.

So when discussing why it happens, the short answer is: We don’t exactly know yet. The long answer is: We don’t exactly know yet, but some scientists are working on it.

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Published at Mon, 22 Jun 2020 16:30:12 +0000

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