How Should Medical Marijuana Be Dosed What Should It Be Used For?

Google Play Some researchers want to know what happens when THC levels hit 50, 60, or 70%, something that’s already possible with some concentrated forms of marijuana. Smoking, vaping, or eating how much do the methods a person uses to consume marijuana matter? Eduardo Munoz/Reuters When it comes to marijuana, “millions of people are using different types of cannabis products for supposedly therapeutic purposes,” says Ryan Vandrey , an associate professor of psychiatry who researches marijuana at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Different, strains, different concentrations, all consumed in different ways. At Johns Hopkins, Vandrey is studying the how different ways of consuming marijuana orally, smoking, vaping all affect the body. And while he says that not all of his work can be talked about yet, we do know that the mode of ingestion makes a big difference for how people feel the effects and how they manifest themselves. How should medical marijuana be dosed what should it be used for? Thomson Reuters We do know that marijuana has legitimate medical uses a recent report by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) found a number of ways in whichmarijuana seems to be medically effective . But the report also noted that a lot more information about how marijuana and its various components affect users is needed. At present, that’s hard to study. The marijuana researchers can give people for experiments has to come from approved facilities and tends to be far weaker than what people actually use .

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