His Actual Product Is A Gun Safe-sized Box, Which Starts At $5,000 And Can Hold Up To Six Pounds Of Cannabis For Curing, Or Drying.

“Legalization and regulation are really legitimizing the industry, and that is attracting talent from other industries,” said Brandon Carroll, co-founder of Yofumo, a company that sells curing boxes for already-harvested cannabis. Carroll’s product is an example of how Prop. 64 is expanding the scope of the cannabis industry. He and his business partner, Yofumo CEO Alfonso Campalans, both came from a background in financial-management software. The chief engineering officer, Alex Grey, built satellites before joining the company. His actual product is a gun safe-sized box, which starts at $5,000 and can hold up to six pounds of cannabis for http://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz curing, or drying. The boxes remove all of the yeast, mold, and bacteria, leaving only the plant matter, cannabinoids, and terpenes. But he says it also creates a more aromatic marijuana flower: he opened a Harborside bag which he called “the control” and it smelled like good pot, but it was nothing too special. Then, he opened a jar of nugs that had been cured in the Yofumo box — they smelled like a fresh cherry blossom. “Crazy, right?” he asked.

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