Hemp Is Full Of Essential Fatty Acids Including Omega-3 And Omega-6, Vitamins A, E, D And B12.

The company was born upon discovering all natural hemp as the ultimate body care product. “Hemp is full of essential fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6, Vitamins A, E, D and B12. These nutrients are easily absorbed by your skin. Hemp has a positive impact on us, our economy and environment,” says Taylor. As CannaSmack grew, Taylor and owner Suzanne Hoggan began realizing just how many people are affected by the lack of knowledge and censorship surrounding cannabis. So, CannaSmack began work developing its #FreeTheLeaf campaign. What originated as an initiative to fight the media censorship of the cannabis leaf has since transformed into a positive education movement with the aim to support legalization and normalization of cannabis. CannaSmack also hosts an innovative program that invites people who have a strong relationship to the plant to become ambassadors and help foster pro-cannabis awareness. Madison Ortiz, professionally known as Happy Tokes, is both a https://www.washingtonmedicalmarijuana.biz social media consultant for the brand as well as one of CannaSmack’s most active and vocal ambassadors. CannaSmack recently launched a co-branded, collaboratively designed lip-balm with Ortiz, the Happy Tokes Peach Natural Lip Balm. “After years of misdiagnosed conditions and negative reactions to pharmaceuticals, my family doctor prescribed cannabis to alleviate chronic nausea and stimulate an appetite,” shares Ortiz, who’s a Michigan mmj cardholder.

To read more visit http://www.wboc.com/story/34518135/campaigning-against-censorship-cannasmack-announces-free-the-leaf-partnership-with-norml

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