He Said He Thinks The Issue Is Clearly Dead For The Session.

He said he thinks the issue is clearly dead for the session. “It got more attention that it ever has, Bates said. The issue is not going away. (Thursday’s) vote was as much a protest of not seriously considering medical cannabis. It was probably more symbolic than practical. Delegate Ricky Moye, D-Raleigh, said he does not oppose the use of medical marijuana, but said the if the amendment had been successful, the bill would not address criteria for prescribing it. “It wouldn’t restrict limits or training for those who would use it,” he said. “I don’t want to open the floodgates as we did with opioids.” He said even if marijuana were reclassified and physicians were able to write prescriptions, it wouldn’t have legalized anything to where someone could get a prescription filled. “There was no mechanism for that,” Moye said. “And it was problematic. It needs to go through the committee process. To that end, I hate it for those who can really benefit from this because I http://www.newyorkmedmarijuana.com know there are people who can but we have to be careful in moving forward with it because we’ve all seen what happened with opioids and we don’t want to repeat that same problem.

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