He Introduced An Amendment To The State Constitution Thursday To Put A Ballot Measure For Vote In The 2018 General Election, Allowing For The Personal Use, Possession And Purchase Of Marijuana By Permitted Users Over The Age Of 21.

PAUL Legalizing recreational marijuana would fall into the hands of voters if a proposal by State Rep. Jason Metsa, DFL-Virginia, makes its way through the Legislature. He introduced an amendment to the state constitution Thursday to put a ballot measure for vote in the 2018 https://www.washingtonmedicalmarijuana.biz general election, allowing for the personal use, possession and purchase of marijuana by permitted users over the age of 21. Metsa admittedly isn’t confident the effort will reach a committee hearing but said it’s time for Minnesota to start a conversation. “It’s a starting point,” he said. “We need to start looking at the pros and cons of this prohibition and let [voters] determine if it’s right for us.” In addition to allowing individual use, the amendment allows Minnesotans to plant and manufacture marijuana plants. He points to ample farmland across the state where a crop can grow into a made-in-Minnesota industry. To go on the 2018 ballot, the measure needs to pass the state House and Senate, which would also be tasked with crafting guidelines for commercial regulation, taxation and the permitted amount a person is able to possess. “I think if given the opportunity, Minnesotans would send a strong message to those who have kept in place a status quo, failed policy of prohibition that legalization is long overdue,” he added. Mesta was approached by law enforcement a few years about submitting a legalization bill, but felt the timing wasn’t right. What’s changed, he said, is more thorough studies on THC derivatives, and a recent spike in use of synthetic marijuana.

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