Glass Blowers, Vape Purveyors And Edibles Creators Are Also In High Demand.

Most people think of massive cultivation operations or dispensaries with jars full of shimmering, green buds. Those are certainly key elements of the industry; however, many cannabis entrepreneurs never even touch the plant itself. These include logistical support businesses, like distribution and transportation companies, or technology companies, such as dispensary software development or high-tech infrastructure for grow houses, for example. Science is also a huge driver of the cannabis industry, much like other agricultural endeavors. Labs are needed for testing the potency and genetics of cannabis flowers, extractors are required for harvesting oils, and ongoing research provides insights into the specifics of cannabis for medical treatment. Glass blowers, vape purveyors and edibles creators are also in high demand. [Want to find out more about where the opportunities lay? Check out the tips from these industry insiders. ] “I believe there is plenty of opportunity.

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