George Thompson, Opens A Petri Dish Of Fungus At His Laboratory In Tupper Hall At Uc Davis On February 7, 2017.

George Thompson, a fungal infection expert with UC Davis Medical Center, reports a rare fungal infection has killed a California man undergoing cancer treatment and its believed he got it from contaminated medical marijuana. Photographed on February 7, 2017 Jose Luis Villegas Dr. George Thompson, opens a petri dish of fungus at his laboratory in Tupper Hall at UC Davis on February 7, 2017. A new report warns those with weakened immune systems to avoid medical marijuana that mayb be contaminated with mold and fungi. Jose Luis Villegas 1 of 3 In uneasy news for medical marijuana users, UC Davis researchers have identified potentially lethal bacteria and mold on samples from 20 Northern California pot dispensaries, leading them to warn patients with weakened immune systems to avoid smoking, vaping or inhaling aerosolized cannabis. For the vast majority of cannabis users, this is not of great concern, said Dr. George Thompson, professor in the UC Davis Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. But those with weakened immune systems such as from leukemia, lymphoma, AIDS or cancer treatments could unwittingly be exposing themselves to serious lung infections when they smoke or vape medical marijuana. We strongly advise them to avoid it, Thompson said. The studys findings were published online in a research letter in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection. Cancer patients and others with lowered immune systems are typically told to avoid cut flowers and unwashed fruits or vegetables because they may harbor potentially harmful bacteria and mold, or fungi.

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