For A More Personal Touch, Theres Molly Peckler, A 32-year-old California-based Former Matchmaker Who Launched Highly Devoted In June 2015, A Service Offering Cannabis-friendly Life Coaching And Dating Coaching Services Ranging In Cost From $1,000 To $3,000.

That does take place, but (sharing experiences on) the medicinal side of things, sharing experiences, travel, you name it. Theres multiple ways in which people connect and the reasons for it. Users fill out a brief questionnaire, which includes questions on your energy level when consuming cannabis, how you prefer to consume it, what kinds of activities youre into and a brief personal bio up to 420 characters detailing who you are and what youre looking for. Users can then select whether theyre in the mood to go out, stay in or chat. Much like Tinder and other dating apps, users see photos of other users, along with information about how far away they are. Rather than swiping left or right, users click buttons labeled Bye There! for people they dont want to get to know and High There! for ones they do. Tapping High There! sends a chat request to the other person. If its approved, you can start chatting right away. People generally are drawn toward individuals where they want to think they have some things in common, Roberts says. Technology has made it a lot safer in a lot of ways because youre not sitting across from somebody at dinner and saying, You know what, I like to do edibles. For a more personal touch, theres Molly Peckler, a 32-year-old California-based former matchmaker who launched Highly Devoted in June 2015, a service offering cannabis-friendly life coaching and dating coaching services ranging in cost from $1,000 to $3,000. I focus on helping people find a cannabis-friendly partner, she says. In terms of the dating, what Ill do is Ill help people to figure out what they need in a compatible partner, and then I will help develop and implement online and offline dating strategies, so they can meet someone locally and bond over cannabis. Peckler herself has been married for five years and with her husband for 11 years altogether.

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