Everywhere In The Greenhouse, The Air Is Laced With The Sweet, Powerful Smell Of Fresh Marijuana.

In one room of the facility, a conveyor belt moves hundreds of soiled-filled pots to workers who place younger plants into them. In nearby rooms, lab technicians sit amid monitors, glassware and machines that separate oils from the plants. A syrup-colored liquid fills a lab jar, and that liquid is what patients purchase if they are enrolled in New Yorks medical marijuana program. Security is tight. Guards, some retired from the New York City Police force, view dozens of camera screens capturing seemingly every spot within the 172,000-square-foot facility. Other cameras follow drivers delivering the finished products and feed back images to a security room at the grow facility. Everywhere in the greenhouse, the air is laced with the sweet, powerful smell of fresh marijuana. But that scene is part illusion. Nothing grows in one large area an acre of the facility. There are no containers, no growing tables, no special lighting, no water tubing systems https://www.washingtonmedicalmarijuana.biz hanging from above. The empty space in one large room could fit the contents of a mid-size house.

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