Effectively It Will Be Shipped Long Distance. Between Extra Costs And Taxes, The Price Differences Between Legal And Illegal Dispensaries Would Be Quite Large And Lead To Further Proliferation Of Pot Shops Operating Outside The Law, Rath Said.

There would also be no http://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz more than four such businesses allowed per City Council district. The main point of contention among the council members and public was over the supply chain, as city staff recommended a prohibition on cultivation, processing, testing, storage and distribution of marijuana and marijuana by- products. “This ban would require us to purchase all wholesale product from outside the San Diego County region,” said Phil Rath, who represents some of the legal dispensaries operating in the area. “Effectively it will be shipped long distance.” Between extra costs and taxes, the price differences between legal and illegal dispensaries would be “quite large” and lead to further proliferation of pot shops operating outside the law, Rath said. The council’s action called for staff to continue reviewing the supply chain issues and return within nine months. The permitted dispensaries can continue with cultivation and distribution until those issues are resolved. The council also modified a ban on outdoor residential cultivation to allow it in secured exterior structures, such as greenhouses. Council members last week extended a moratorium on new recreational marijuana businesses from 45 days to a full year. The temporary ban was designed to give city officials time to develop applicable laws, and will be rescinded once the regulations take effect.

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