December 30, 2011 A Recent Editorial On A Pending Lawsuit Did Not Talk About The Good Work Thats Being Done.

December 31, 2011 Portlands historic architecture and its appreciation of it are assets for the city. December 31, 2011 Its not whining to point out that our economic system rewards a very narrow segment. December 30, 2011 A recent editorial on a pending lawsuit did not talk about the good work thats being done. December 30, 2011 Young people, especially women, are acquiring the skills that will fuel the next boom. December 29, 2011 The loss of heating assistance money is not a good reason to dismantle a long-range strategy. December 28, 2011 Social amenities planned for a new medical marijuana clinic encourage overuse. December 27, 2011 The governor is confident that Maine can get waivers, but the Legislature should ask for proof. December 27, 2011 Those making attacks should be required to support their argument with hard facts. December 26, 2011

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