Community Services Organizations And Groups That Work With Children Spoke Against It.

We played by the rules, exactly the rules that were put forth. We did everything we can to play by those rules, he said. And now youre changing the game on us. The supervisors actions would not impact marijuana regulations or bans in incorporated cities. Medical marijuana patients, agriculture organizations including the San Diego County Farm Bureau, and others opposed the ban. Community services organizations and groups that work with children spoke against it. Supervisor Jacob, lead advocate of the ban, said she is concerned that marijuana harms children, and that problems in Colorado where recreational cannabis is legal and sold, could happen here without a ban. We only need to look at Colorado to realize that the legalization of marijuana has been a disaster and has not produced the net revenue that was expected, she said. Roberts said that a ban runs contrary to the wishes of the majority of voters who have approved medical and recreational marijuana ballot measures. The countys planning commission recommended that the board not enact a prohibition, but rather support regulations.

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