Washington Plans For Pot-shop License Lottery

— Washington state will hold lotteries this month for its coveted legal marijuana retail licenses. The state Liquor Control Board on Wednesday adopted a plan for the lotteries, which will be held for any cities or counties where there... Read more →

Vermont’s Medical Marijuana Usage Is Booming

The Burlington Free Press reported (http://bfpne.ws/1dHE7zN) that the number of patients approved to use medical marijuana is up 90 percent from this time a year ago. That puts the total number of approved patients at more than 1,000. Data... Read more →

Pot-smoking Style Linked To Addiction Risk

Van der Pol and her team analyzed data on 98 young adults taking part in an ongoing long-term study of frequent marijuana users in the Netherlands. The participants were recruited from coffee houses where the sale and use of cannabis is permitted... Read more →

Budding Business Of Marijuana

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images. Tweet As marijuana use goes mainstream, new businesses are sprouting up to cash in on the Kush craze. Pot tourism in Seattle and marijuana mom retailers in Beverly Hills are just a few of the ways entrepreneurs... Read more →

Washington, Dc Decriminalizes Marijuana

capital, a spokeswoman said. The law makes possession a civil violation with a penalty of $25, lower than most city parking tickets. Possession had been a misdemeanor carrying up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. Proponents had backed... Read more →
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