Cannabis Pride: PLUS Products Taps Top Consumer Trend For Sales Spike

Cannabis Pride: PLUS Products Taps Top Consumer Trend For Sales Spike

The cannabis industry is emerging from nearly a century of Prohibition. The gay community has also “emerged”, from decades of social and (in some cases) legal discrimination.

Cannabis has faced (and continues to face) social stigmas, derived from decades of absurd anti-cannabis propaganda. The LGBT community has faced (and continues to face) its own social stigmas.

The management of California-based PLUS Products (CAN:PLUS / US:PLPRF) looked at these strong parallels and saw opportunity.

Among the summer festivities that have become traditions are the various “Pride” celebrations hosted by the LGBT community in a number of major cities across North America. With its large gay population, the San Francisco Bay Area hosts one of the largest (and first) Pride Celebrations.

Enter PLUS Products and its “Rainbow Sorbet Gummies”.

The Company just announced a donation of $60,937 to the SF LGBT Center from the sales of annual, limited edition Rainbow Sorbet Gummies. It’s based on a donation of $1 per unit.

That’s sales of 60,937 units of these seasonal Rainbow Sorbet Gummies.

The gummies retail for $19.99 for a 20-pack (containing 100 mg of THC), translating into gross revenues of $1.32 million. Putting this into context, last quarter PLUS reported total revenues of $3.2 million.

Today, investors are seeing a successful cannabis promotion around a Pride Celebration. Earlier this week, The Seed Investor reported on another new cannabis marketing trend: a “cannabis open house” as a vehicle for selling luxury real estate – also in California.

At a $3.5 million home for sale in Los Angeles, 100 guests gathered for an event called “The Greenleaf Cannabis Laboratory.” The open-house event featured cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, and other edibles, kombucha cocktails, vape pens, and CBD cream massages. Hemp plants and marijuana paraphernalia were staged around the home.

The article billed cannabis + luxury real estate as “just the beginning of a crossover” between the two industries.

In recent months, cannabis investors have been seeing a steady decline in cannabis stock valuations. They’ve been hearing an endless stream of bearish drivel from the mainstream media on the cannabis industry.

Forward-looking investors need to tune out this noise.

The emerging cannabis industry is still in its infancy. Its marketing potential (even with current restrictions on advertising) is enormous.

The product development potential for the cannabis plant is virtually infinite.

Earlier today, The Seed Investor reported on the world’s first “all-hemp” aircraft. Constructed 100% from a hemp fiber that is 10 times stronger than steel and lighter than traditional aircraft building materials. The hemp plane is also powered by a 100% hemp-derived biofuel.

The cannabis industry has unlimited potential to revolutionize the global economy with an enormous array of eco-friendly products. Safe and healthy, cannabis products can be marketed in a vast number of commercial settings – to a steadily more receptive consumer population.

Meanwhile, we just pointed out to investors that cannabis stock valuations have retreated all the way back to December 2018 lows.

Cannabis stocks have never been cheaper. Cannabis industry opportunities have never been more plentiful – or more lucrative.

Savvy investors understand the profit potential of such an enormous market disconnect.

Published at Thu, 08 Aug 2019 18:30:32 +0000

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