Just in time for the 2019 Holidays, www.CustomCBDgifts.com launches live with a personalized CBD product experience like no other! The innovative idea of two industry leaders, Jessica Arent, The Hemp Encanntress, and Christopher Visser, founder of Cannabidiol Life, Custom CBD Gifts is designed to allow the consumer to personalize their gifts (for example; messages, images, colors, etc.) for those they love and/or special occasions! 

“CBD, in my opinion, is very much a personal experience. Gifting to friends and family is something deeply personal, that can be delivered in an intimate way. Combining the two, such as personalizing a label, makes it that much more unique and thoughtful, in my opinion! I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to share health with those they love. It is LIFE CHANGING!  Who wouldn’t want to see their CBD bottle every day with some words of encouragement or love, or a memorable date, such as a wedding?! It’s fun, it’s different, it’s personal and it’s good for you!”  -Jessica Arent.

Powered by Cannabidiol Life, a leading brand and educational platform for pure, organic, phytocannabinoid-rich extracts from USDA Cultivars in Colorado. Every CBD product offering is batch numbered for easy tracing back to the source. All products also provide scannable QR codes for third party comprehensive Certificates of Analysis and lab reports. This is how consumer well-being should be ensured; by verifying safe and responsibly manufactured processes. 
For over three years, Cannabidiol Life has remained a dominant web presence for concise and reliable information specific to the endocannabinoid system and the science of phytocannabinoids. The company has branded a complete line of full-spectrum products to meet their consumer’s demands, currently offering more than 30 SKUs of the highest quality and most conscientious bio-dynamic CBD available in the world.