But Most Bay Area Cities And Counties Fall Somewhere In The Middle — Either Doing Nothing Or Passing Temporary Bans As They Wait For More Direction From The State, Their Citizens And Neighboring Cities.

Some places, like the cities of Napa and Santa Rosa, are considering allowing cannabis shops, farms, kitchens or personal gardens. That contrasts with many localities on the Peninsula, such as Colma, that have banned anything pot-related. But most Bay Area cities and counties fall somewhere in the middle — either doing nothing or passing temporary bans as they wait for more direction from the state, their citizens and neighboring cities. Bay Area has wide range of options to get your medical marijuana “There’s no difference now since before the election,” said Dale Gieringer, director of California NORML, a marijuana-rights advocacy group. “You can’t even tell marijuana is legal in California.” Nearly two-thirds of Bay Area voters said “yes” to legal weed. But many city and county leaders have responded by going in the opposite direction. Take Colma, the small Peninsula town famous for its cemeteries. On Nov. 8, nearly 59 percent of voters http://www.newyorkmedmarijuana.com there favored Prop.

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