But If They Find Any, It’s Official Policy To Report It To Law Enforcement.

Nevertheless, TSA is a federal agency. Their website acknowledged that TSA agents aren’t http://www.californiamedicalmarijuana.biz looking for marijuana . But if they find any, it’s official policy to report it to law enforcement. In this case, having your medical card could help you out of a jam. You have a better chance of getting a pass to travel with your weed, or dispose of it without issue if you’re a medical patient just trying to travel with your meds. An up-to-date card might also help you in the workplace. Unfortunate as it is, medical marijuana users are a bit more “legitimate” in many people’s minds than mere recreational users. Hanging on to your card might be a good idea. So in the end, even though recreational weed is legal, it’ll be worth it to hang on to your medical card. At least, that is, until dispensaries are selling to anyone over 21. At that point, you can keep your card as a relic of a bygone age.

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