Bultman Made Entries In The Companys Software Tracking System On Dec.

[to] New York http://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.biz … and would make the inventory disappear, the complaints said. Bultman made entries in the companys software tracking system on Dec. 10 and 16 that the jars of oil, which would weigh a total of about 12 pounds, were outbound to Minneapolis. Investigators learned that the Minneapolis center sells only pills and capsules; it cannot properly store or process quantities of oil. Owens told investigators in May 2016 that he and Bultman had driven to New York on Dec. 5 and 6, 2015, to deliver the armored vehicle and some equipment and to set up New York dispensaries. A week before Owens was interviewed, a technician at the Otsego plant whose job involves converting oil into finished products told investigators that he was at the New York facility the week before Christmas 2015 and saw jars of oil labeled in the same manner as the jars in Minnesota were labeled. Owens showed investigators documents purporting to show that about 12 pounds of oil were destroyed at the Alexandria waste facility in April 2016. But employees at the waste facility said although theyd destroyed five or six little boxes from MMSs Otsego facility, the weight of the material was less than 2 pounds. The complaints end with the investigators conclusion that Bultman, Owens and the man whose charges are pending formed this plan in order to meet a production deadline for … medical marijuana product in New York and thus avoid significant financial loss for Vireo Health. In a statement, Vireo Health said they were cooperating with investigators.

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